Jessica Rivero | Miami Brow Doctor


Aesthetician | Educator | Permanent Makeup Artist

Hi my name is Jessica, Full Time Mompreneur, Business Owner, Lover of All Things Beauty and Coffee Enthusiast. I am the woman behind the brand Miami Brow Doctor. I've spent over a decade working in the beauty industry and I couldn't be more excited about this business today, as I was 15 years ago, in fact I might just be more excited now then I was back then.

I've always had a passion for the beauty industry, ever since I was a little girl, I dreamt of owning my own salon. I remember grabbing my moms red lipstick and writing Jessica's Beauty Salon across my Fisher Price Playschool Kitchen and turning it into a reality with Miami Brow Doctor. I went from applying makeup on my Barbie's to women and turning them into real life Barbie's.

Following my passion I registered for beauty school in 2006, graduating as a licensed Aesthetician I set out to find my place in the beauty industry. 

I got my start as a salon assistant to 12 hair stylist, 3 nail techs, and 2 aestheticians. Throughout the years I've worked for a hand full of salons and spas earning several certification in eyebrows, makeup artistry and skincare. During that time I also worked as a free-lancer for several beauty brands, cosmetics companies, and production companies, landing several gigs in the tv & film industry, sharing my passion and knowledge. After accomplishing so much I still felt like something was missing.

It wasn't till I landed my first traveling job as a National Aesthetician when I learned my true passion was in teaching. 

With all the new and exciting trends, products and never ending evolving techniques, I take pride in continued education and product knowledge. That's when Miami Brow Doctor was born. I wanted to create a sanctuary where I can service and tech women everything I know about the beauty industry. It is then when I decided to put all my savings towards a life long dream of mine and opened Miami Brow Doctor Beauty Lounge & Miami Brow Doctor Academy Of Beauty

My goal is to help women feel great about themselves, and inspire others to chase their dreams no matter how far fetch it may seem, with determination, persistence and perseverance you can achieve anything. 

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