Do I need a Microblading Touch-up?

The most famously asked question. Do I need a #MicrobladingTouchup?

Is a microblading touchup important and why?

I've been working in the beauty industry for over 15 years now and I am here to tell you YES! A touch up appointment is needed for many reasons. It's crucial for the longevity of your new eyebrows. In this session in which I love to call (The Perfection Session) is where your skin will speak to the artist and show how well it took the pigment. At this time is where you will discus with the artist about any imperfections you'd like to perfect.

It is important to keep in mind before getting your eyebrows down to know #Microblading & #Microshading are both #SemipermanentTattoos that will fade overtime and will need upkeep.

Tip: For freshly groomed microbladed or shaded eyebrows, I suggest getting your eyebrows re-touched once a year or every 18 months.

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